Monday, February 16, 2009

depth charge on heart's day

heart's day.. it's so frustrating to see couples wherever i look.. yes, i admit i'm kinda envious at them.. oh well.. with no one to spend the day with, i decided to hang out at our usual "tambayan" when i received a text message from paul, "ad2 na dri chill, xot tah".. then i remembered that jepoy's bday was after valentines day and they were planning to celebrate it at exactly 12am.. well what do you think i did after that? of course i went there, i'll go where ever there's booze..ahehehe..

time check, 9:48pm.. i arrived at chillout, jep's booze store..ahehehe.. as i stepped in, i found some familliar faces.. jepoy(of course, it's his place..hehe), jenny, mafel, edmund, paul, chikay, oskie(i dunno if i spelled it right), and some others..

first drink when i got there, el hombre tequila.. oh crap, not this again..ahehehe.. sure enough chikay got drunk from the tequila.. the last exact words i heard from her before paul acompanied her home was, "paul, parahi kog taxi!!! kanang blue!!!!"..ahahahahahaha.. mamili pjud ka well when paul got back it was already 12am and edmund gave jep his bday pizza and a bday song from us... hence, the video below...

well after that, we gathered up and started the official drinking session with jep's bday pizza as "pulutan"...

and that's when edmund suggested we have a depth charge... i was ignorant of the term as they explained the contents of the cocktail.. after hearing it, i'm not quite sure if i can drink this one.. basically depth charge, or most commonly known as boilermaker, is a beer cocktail composed of beer and vodka(you can also use whiskey or tequila).. the beer is poured in a glass and the vodka is poured into a shot glass or jigger.. the idea is dropping the jigger filled with vodka into the beer-filled glass then jugging it right after... some people add honey to the mix, some even put sugar at the tip of the glass...

after a few round of shots, we all got drunk..hehehe.. some of us even puked.. well, it was one hell of a night and it was fun.. it ended with us eating burgers courtesy of the burgerman(i will not tell who due to our discrete agreement...hehehehe)

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