Monday, January 19, 2009

a poem i made for her a while back


- i hate the way you smile coz it makes me feel so weak

- i hate your company coz i long for it everyday of the week

- i hate the way you dress, it makes me like you more

- i hate your boyish charm coz its always what ive been looking for

- i hate how i think about you every single time

- i hate it when im doing nothing then you just pop in my mind

- i hate myself for constantly feeling this way

- i hate it when im with you and ive got nothing to say

- i hate how i miss you, wishing you’re around

- i hate it when i want to hear your voice, just one sound

- i hate what i wrote in this poem coz i dont hate you

- and i hate it coz i think im falling for you

if only you would give me one single chance to prove my worth

and i promise that i wont let your heart, ever get hurt…

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