Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2204355 - I'm Feeling Lucky


Google is a multinational public cloud computing, internet search, and advertising technologies corporation. It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, also known as the Google guys. You can watch how they came to develop such a huge company by themselves in their biography DVD, Biography - The Google Boys.

Google is very famous for their search engine. So famous that the word "Google" is now often used as a verb, meaning "to search it on the net". An example is, "I'm going to Google movies". But as I surf the net for interesting stuff, as I always do, I found this very interesting and very hilarious thing on some blogs. It once worked in the US server for Google but not anymore because of the ranking of some blogs writing about it. But I tried it in the Philippine server, since I'm pinoy, and it works and hilarious as hell.

First go to Google Philippines at http://www.google.com.ph/. Type 2204355 then click "I'm Feeling Lucky", or in the Google Philippines' case "Sinusuwerte Ako". After you clicked it, you'll get a flash video that lookes like the image below (2204355.swf).


It shows a black dude dancing while while eating chicken. It really seems pointless and idiotic, but it's idiocy is what makes it so damn funny. Nobody really know who uploaded this but blogs and forums are posting it everywhere and talking about how funny it is. Well enough said, why don't you just try it for yourself and see if it cracks you up.

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  1. honestly, I don't have idea regarding the google boy movie. Now I will find this to download and to be watch soon.. thanks for sharing.