Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm back!!!

I haven't been active on my blog for almost half a year now. During my absence, I had been busy and did a lot of things. Firstly I got a job as a content writer. I also got a new girlfriend, and yes I love you Rhea Sheena. I listened to some Japanese artists/bands, namely SCANDAL, Stereopony, and especially YUI.

A couple of months back I resigned from my job, well it was a forced resignation actually. It seems the company has some serious financial problems. That's when I decided to go back to school and take on IT (Information Technology). This gives me time to update my blog a little.

I was also planning to have a homebased job as a freelance content writer, link builder, virtual assistant, or a graphic artist. As long as it doesn't have a conflict on my class schedule. Sheena and I was also talking about opening a home business, and decided on T-shirt printing. Well it would take 2-4 months before we start it since we still have to earn for the capital. And I still need to think of a catchy business name. Well anyway, wish me luck!!


  1. and I LOVE YOU MORE Josef Boyle.. mmmmmwuah!

  2. Aha!! sakspan ang blog!..ibog ko sa notes na animated dah! =(

  3. na link na...hahah link pud ko...